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9 Top Tips for Travelling Vegans

We love travelling! We seriously love it, a lot of our money goes into it. So in July Lara is going abroad for the first time since becoming a vegan (not counting going home) and she is equal parts excited and nervous.

Lara is heading to Iceland! We don’t know how much you know about the country, but it is not considered the most vegan friendly place. She has been before, but wasn’t a vegan at the time.
So, because we love to be prepared, making lists, and could spend hours researching, we wanted to share with you our top tips for travelling vegans.
Also keep a look out for our post on Iceland, how Lara found being vegan there and just general awesome photos.

1 – Stuff to add to other stuff:
We add Nutritional Yeast to EVERYTHING. Last Easter we made the mistake of visiting Lara’s mum without it and almost cried when we realised we wouldn’t be able to make the super awesome Cheezzy sauce we’d promised. So we made a list of things we will take from now on, that list includes Nooch, Chia Seeds (because we’re those people), Vitamins (i.e. B12 and D), and some sort of seeds we can add to food that is high in protein, healthy fats and fibre (e.g. Hemp seeds, Lin seeds, etc.).

2 – Snacks:
We can’t be the only ones that get super snacky when travelling. We always take something so we don’t have to pay the extortionate prices you get charged at airports and train stations. We often take some basic oat-cookies without added sugar or a trail mix (If you are interested in our favourite travel snacks, keep a look out for the next Travelling Vegan post).

3 – Reusable Products:
Honestly, having reusable utensils, container(s) and a water bottle just makes us feel better with ourselves and like we’re not ruining the environment. Another plus is that with a reusable water bottle you don’t have to spend money on being hydrated (with exception of countries that do not have drinkable tap water).

4 – Call your accommodation/travel agency/flight company:
If you are staying with friends, family or in a catered accommodation, call ahead so they know what to expect. It will make everyone’s lives easier. Same goes for long flights, call at least 72 hours in advance so the only option you’ll find won’t be a bag of stale peanuts.

5 – Toiletries:
This goes without saying, but cruelty free toiletries should really be in your suitcase. Yes, most countries have some vegan options in their shops, but having to look at the labels in another language to find the right ones and spending extra money on it is just silly. So go smart, and instead buy small travel size containers that you can fill up and reuse for all your awesome travels.

6 – Research Vegan Places:
Go on or just Google and look for restaurants and cafés. HappyCow actually has the option for vegan, vegetarian and veggie friendly, so even if you can’t find a purely vegan place, you are likely to find some awesome food.

7 – Cook for yourself:
Be it Couchsurfing, Airbnb, or a hostel, most places have a kitchen you can use. That means you can buy groceries in a supermarket and cook, so you’ll know what is in everything and will also save so much money.

8 – Learn the local language:
Maybe don’t overdo it and learn the entirety of the vocabulary. But do try to learn some words, like egg, milk, honey, etc. and as you’re at it also ‘Hello’, ‘How are you?’ and ‘Goodbye’ (not because you’re vegan, but because it’s fun and locals tend to appreciate it). If you really don’t have time, check out the Vegan Passport, it’s super handy and can save your butt in a restaurant without an English menu.

9 – Get in touch with locals:
Not only is it great to meet people along the way and to make friends from all over the planet, but local vegans know the best places. You can join a Facebook group, follow some people on Instagram, look at Reddit forums or start a discussion on Couchsurfing. You’ll be surprised how many people share your lifestyle and are super happy to help fellow travelling vegans out.


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