15 Vegan Hangover Foods

We have been drunk … and therefore hungover.

We know all the different types of hungover; the one where you are prepared and have water and snacks ready, the one where you don’t wake up at home, the one where you only went out for one drink and the one where you wake up still drunk. Whatever hungover state you find yourself in, food always seems to be a big deal. You either know exactly what you want (and potentially what your body doesn’t) or you end up crawling around the kitchen wondering why you don’t have any ‘hangover food’. First of all, drink all the water, have a poo and a shower and just get outside – you need to clean your body inside out and get some fresh air. So here it is, our list of vegan hangover foods, tried and very much tested.

1 – Crumpets + Toast (smothered in vegan butter!)

2- Pizza (If you are Brighton based Purezza is our faaaaaave)

3 – Bananas (Get some potassium)

4 – Instant Noodles (‘cos sodium)

5 – Fruit Smoothie (if you are feeling up to it)

6 – Cereal (probably dry, because who can make it to the fridge?!)

7 – Oreos, Lotus Biscuits + Bourbons

8 – Crisps (root vegetable crisps are so good)

9 – Green Tea

10 – Coconut Water (if you can’t deal with the texture – like Sophie – try putting it in a smoothie)

11 Β – Asparagus (flushes the grossness from your body but who really wants to eat asparagus when they are hungover…)

12 – Hash Browns (baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms + vegan sausages to make it an actual breakfast)

13 – Leftovers (freeze big batch filling meals and then you have go to lazy hangover dinners)

14 – FLT (Facon, Lettuce & Tomato)

15 – Grapes, Watermelon, Pineapple (anything super juicy with a high water content)


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