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10 Top Tips for First Time Veggies

We can definitely say that veganism was never an end goal when we first started being vegetarian. Plus, veganism is all about intent, no one is perfect and it might be that you find out more and decide to drop more animal products from your diet, but for now, here are some top tips for first time veggies.

1 – Go at your own pace
Don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong, you do you.

2 – Meat Substitutes are your friend
You may find that a lot of meat eaters will say things like ‘why would you want to eat something that looks/tastes like meat but isn’t’ but honestly, meat substitutes are such a great stepping stone, especially if you are looking to replicate some of you favourite dishes that contain meat. Be sure not to rely on them, but still…enjoy.

3 – Do your research
The internet is your friend especially if you are looking for low budget meals and don’t have the money to purchase cook books. Also keep an eye on our blog as we will be sharing recipes too!

4 – Look out for hidden ingredients
Be weary, there will most likely be a lot of sweets and food that you were not aware of that have animal gelatin in them as well as other animal products. Rennet for example is found in parmesan and is sourced from the stomach of slaughtered newly born calves (sorry for the imagery guys…we know its gross)

5. Make vegetarian friends
Whether an online community, rallies or in your local area it is so fab to have people around you to share recipes and ideas and it generally makes the whole thing easier.

6 – Watch some documentaries/movies – we recommend the following;
– Cowspiracy (2014)
– Earthlings (2005)
– Forks Over Knives (2011)
– Behind The Mask (2006)

7 – Eat what is in season
It will not only make things taste better because they are growing to their fullest potential in the best environment but they will be so much cheaper than usual too.

8 – Don’t be scared to eat out
Most places will have some veggie options and there are plenty of purely vegetarian restaurants out there – check out Happy Cow if you need some help. Plus if you go to restaurants/cafes that have some interesting veggie meals you might be inspired to start cooking something different at home that you really like.

9 – Local veggie fests
A great place to meet people, learn about new businesses, listen to talks, cookery demos and veggie friendly entertainment, not to mention all the free samples and yummy food on offer.

10 – Don’t give up
You got this far, honestly we all have set backs but the important thing is that you stick to what you believe in and make sure you and your belly are happy.


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